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Expert English editing for students, researchers, and publishers

English not your native language? That's an Edit-Right speciality

EDIT-RIGHT is an online English language editing service catering to academic authors, researchers, business, and industry worldwide.

More than half of Edit-Right's clients are non-native speakers of English. Edit-Right makes their documents indistinguishable from the best native-English authorship.

Edit-Right provides in-depth copy editing of English-language documents for spelling, grammar, punctuation, diction, syntax, passive and active voice, reference style, consistency, type of English (U.S. or U.K.), and offers some advice on potential accuracy issues that may be revealed in the editing process, although accuracy remains fully the author's responsibility.

Edit-Right edits to all currently popular style guides. Most of our clients specify one of four common styles: American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA), Chicago Manual of Style (CMS), and Harvard.

You can get started with Edit-Right today by exploring on this website how we work with our clients. Look at sample pages and learn now exactly what your cost will be and approximately how many days your job will require.​

What our clients say about Edit-Right

EDIT-RIGHT serves clients across Europe and North America. Red dots mark client locations.

I WAS VERY SATISFIED by your work. My thesis about human trafficking was almost 34,000 words; you sent the finished job back in just four days. My English was made very good and my in-text references and bibliography were perfect APA.


OUR PAPER was created in collaboration with researchers in three other departments, so it was a mix of writing styles. Your guy returned a document that speaks in one clear voice.


I HAVE ALWAYS DREADED building bibliographies, even with the automation that we have now. . . . My editor at Edit-Right made it proper Chicago style and consistent throughout.


MOST PEOPLE GLAZE OVER when I talk about high-voltage drivers for switching converters, but my editor at Edit-Right was actually interested, was conversant in electrical engineering, and improved my manuscript.


MY STUDY of image quality in mammography acquisition was three years in the making. Edit-Right turned it around in 10 days and cleaned up my stylistically challenged Harvard reference list.

Palo Alto

I CAME TO EDIT-RIGHT after I was disappointed by a free-lance editor who advertised on our university website, so I was worried. But you did exactly as promised and right on time. Thank you.


What to expect from Edit-Right

The client-editor relationship

Photo of man helping another man climb a cliff.

YOUR EDITOR'S JOB is to ensure that your manuscript is written in perfect English, is clear and concise, conforms to the assigned style, and speaks in a voice that is appropriate for the subject matter and the audience.

Editors at Edit-Right use an extensive check list and are required to check off every item (see a PDF of the complete list here). In very abbreviated form, the list focuses on these major issues:

• Spelling
• Grammar
• Punctuation
• Diction
• Syntax
• Voice (passive/active)

• References (correct style, none missing
• Consistency
• English type (U.S., U.K.)
• Accuracy

Factual accuracy comes last because it is, in the end, entirely the author's responsibility. Your editor will, however, point out obvious or possible inaccuracies or, where it is obvious and not critical to the understanding of the subject matter, simply make the change and note in the margin having done so.

Organization is not included in the list because organization is stipulated in academic styles.

As standard practice, Edit-Right editors comment on your manuscript. In Microsoft Word, comments appear in the right margin. They may include questions or suggestions that may lead you to amend the text. Your editor will often include rewrites in the marginal comments and recommend that you insert the suggested text in place of other text—if you agree with the rewrite. On other occasions, your editor will simply rewrite and replace a sentence in situ. Whether and how an editor implements significant changes is a judgment call based on experience.

Occasionally, your editor may contact you by email during the editing process to clarify an issue that may be critical to continuing the editing.

Getting it done in style

BEFORE BEGINNING the work of editing your manuscript, we need to make sure we share a clear understanding of where your project is going and that you and Edit-Right are both using the same road map. The road map is the style guide you select when you send us your document.

Unless instructed otherwise, Edit-Right will meticulously edit to whatever style guide you select. Therefore, if you have deliberately varied from one or more of your chosen style guide's rules for writing style, page formatting, or references, make sure we know in advance in order to avoid having your alternative formatting restored to the style dictates.

Some schools and professors have tailored a particular style to their own standards and require that you adhere to that alternative. In that case, provide us with a copy of those standards. You may do this by attaching a PDF of the separate standards to an email or directing us to an online copy of those standards. Feel free to communicate with us. The more we know, the more satisfied you will be with our work. All communication is done via email. 

Step by step through the job

​• Scroll down to the Let's Get Started. form on this website.
• Fill out the form.
• Select your document for uploading.
• Submit the form.
• Edit-Right reviews your document, confirms or adjusts the time frame.
• We agree on a start and finish date.
• Your edited document is placed in a secure Google Drive folder.
• Edit-Right emails an invoice to you.
• You pay the invoice online.
• Edit-Right emails your edited document to you.
• You review the editing within 48 hours (you can request more time, but we ask that you do so within the first 48 hours).
• If you request changes, we will agree on a new deadline.
• If you do not request changes, the project is finished.

Sample pages

What you can expect to see

THE SAMPLE PAGES shown here are meant to represent some of the considerable variety of topics handled by Edit-Right editors and to illustrate what to expect for those as yet unfamiliar with how a document edited in Microsoft Word looks with all the markup revealed.

Editing in MS Word with its Track Changes feature activated enables the editor to make changes to the document while always preserving the author's original text. One is able to toggle between Original, 

​Simple Markup, All Markup, and No Markup views of the document. The author is always able to accept or reject the editor's changes.​

In the few samples shared here, only  All Markup is shown.​

All the samples have been anonymized by removing page headers, author names, any business or university references and the like.​

Click/tap the PDF icons to view the pages.​


Link to editing sample on topic of shipping.

Maritime shipping

Link to editing sample on topic of shipping.






Arctic energy


Pricing and how we do business with you

When Edit-Right completes your editing job, we will email you an invoice for the previously agreed-upon fee in U.S. dollars. When your payment is received by Edit-Right, you edited document will be sent to you.

You should review the edited document as soon as possible. From the time the edited document is returned to you, you have two full days plus whatever is left of the day on which it is returned to you to review the editing and request changes.

You can have more time for your review, but you should request more time within the initial 48-hour review period. There's no charge for more time.

If you request changes, we will agree on a new deadline and get the job done, no additional charge.

Generally, there is only one opportunity for revisions. That said, we understand that unforeseen issues can arise and that the documents we edit are vitally important to their authors. So, if something comes up, get in touch; we will work it out.

Getting started with Edit-Right

This page is where we begin our partnership on your project

​When you complete the form on this page, upload your document, and hit the send button, we will be back in touch with you within 24 hours either to confirm the duration of the job in days or to alter what the form estimated would be the job duration. An editor must review your document to confirm that the job can be completed in the estimated time. Some jobs take more (or less) time than others.

We will also have to agree on a start date for your job. Usually, we can start right away or within one or two days. However, with a finite number of editors, some time management is necessary. We will do everything we can to complete your job as early as possible and always never later than the date we finally agree on.​

​We have kept the form as simple and unintrusive as possible. Everyone is concerned about sharing information, so, we have asked only what we believe we need. Your information will be seen only by your editor.

The price you see in the price calculator on this page is exactly the amount we will bill to you when the job is done. ​

We look forward to working with you. ​